Recording Console

The WindowTester Pro recording console displays recorded events giving users instant feedback during the recording process. The Recorder Console view is opened when you start a new recording session. It will remain opened unless you explicitly close the recorder console view.

Using the console, users can:

Monitor and Edit Recorded Actions

Recorded events are displayed in the console giving users instant feedback during the recording process, helping them detect missteps and maintain context. In case an action was performed that should not be in the recording, events can also be selected and deleted.

Generate Multiple Tests during a Single Recording Session

At any time during a recording session, a user can generate a new test from the recorded events.


Start and Stop the Recording

In addition to interacting with the recorder via the floating recording controller, the recorder can be started and stopped via view toolbar items. See the recording control for more information.

Add Assertion Hooks

Users can also add assertion hooks directly from an action on the toolbar.

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