Generating Tests

WindowTester Pro is a test case generator that creates tests in pure Java. WindowTester Pro is useful for both individual developer tests and system tests—in a development environment where code is checked in daily. WindowTester Pro contains a recording console that captures and records keyboard clicks and mouse movements. The first step in test development is to turn on the Record feature and then work with various elements of the UI such as windows or buttons. WindowTester Pro will capture the steps taken. The tool includes intelligent parsing and unique identification of UI widgets that provides feedback to the developer about specific areas of the code. Since the tool generates the tests in pure Java, generated tests are easy to understand, modify and maintain.

WindowTester Pro can also be used to generate system level tests to test interactions with software components created by other developers. For example, the QA team could bring up a variety of screens and launch various tools while recording, thus mimicking the actions of a user. This kind of test would test screens but also do things like accessing databases and test other functional areas of the application. This is a more comprehensive kind of test, testing sequences, branching and flow through a series of screens via the "user experience".

Once the GUI has been exercised, the developer closes the application under test. When the application is closed, the recording is terminated and the developer is presented with a UI Test Generation wizard. Here the developer specifies the location of the test class and whether build dependencies should be added automatically.

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