Continuously Running WindowTester Pro Tests

WindowTester Pro easily integrates into continuous build systems including Ant, Maven, Hudson and Cruise Control. This tight integration ensures that the “correctness”of an application is tested each time the application is built.

To be able to run WindowTester Pro tests in a continuous build environment, the machine you will be running the tests on must have a graphical interface and a user account. Some servers strictly use command line, in which case, WindowTester Pro tests won't run. In addition, it appears that the user must be logged in at the time that the tests are executed (at least on Windows) or the applications under test may not have access to the appropriate UI resources (console, graphics area, ...) for the tests to successfully execute. Typically build servers are run without an installed UI therefore we recommend that WindowTester Pro tests be executed on dedicated test machines separate from the build server and the test results uploaded back to the build server for collation.