Analysis takes too long

Did you ask for that?

If you have enabled Find more matches by taking much more time option on the search page and your project is big enough, running analysis will take ages to complete. Cancel the analysis, turn off the option and try again.

Memory problems?

This should not happen in a standard Eclipse setup, but if you have manually increased the maximum memory size available to the Java VM (-Xmx), check this out.

SimilarCode analysis is a very memory-intensive application. Chances are that the value you have set is too high and your computer is busy swapping the memory to your hard disk. Try decreasing the -Xmx value and see if that helps.


Please take a look at the Eclipse error log file .log located in .metadata/ subdirectory of your workspace. If any exceptions are being logged while the analysis is running (this clearly indicates a bug), they must be slowing down the process.

If you think you've encountered this case, please contact our support staff and we'll figure out how to fix that.

Maybe you're simply impatient?

Analysis of a large project is expected to take about half an hour. Note that Search for code that… Can possibly be refactored mode works slightly faster than others, so you may want to switch if you're not using it already.

Still no luck?

Please don't hesitate to contact our support staff and tell them about your problem.