Analyzing Results

Results of 'Dead Code analysis' are presented in 'Dead code' view

As you may see from the screen shot, this view has status label, filter, and tree which shows java elements in scope of analysis.

Using of this tree is very simple and may be described by the following legend:


  • Labels of elements which are considered to be dead code are drawn with strike through style
  • Elements which has dead code among it's children has '(contains dead code)' label decoration

View pull down menu contains to actions:

  • 'Import analysis...' - allows to import analysis from file with dead code analysis results and show it's contents in the view
  • 'Export analysis...' - allows export current analysis results to the file in workspace

Toolbar actions:

  • -This action allows to show whole content
  • -This action allows to return tree view to it's previous scope
  • - This action allows to focus contents on tree view on the children of selected element
  • - This action allows to rerun current analysis
  • -This action allows to hide elements wich are not dead code and does not contain dead code in their children from the view

Learn how to configure and run dead code analysis