Managing results

When you execute a new search, the results of the previous searches are not lost. They are still kept in memory and you can go back to them at any time. (The results are however lost when you close Eclipse unless you export them to disk, as described below.)

To manage the results, click a button on the Similar Code view toolbar:

To display results of a previous search, just pick it from the list.

Removing (discarding) results

After you execute several searches, each result set will remain in memory. Although every attempt was made to store the results in a compact form, they still take up large amounts of memory. Eventually you will need to discard some results to free up your memory.

This can be done with Remove Selected Result and Remove All Results popup menu items.

Importing and exporting results

All the results are lost when you close Eclipse. If plan to continue working later or just want to make a backup, you can use Export item to store the current result set to a file on disk.

Use Import item to load a result set from file. After loading the result set will be displayed in the Similar Code view.

Important: A result set remains valid as long as the analyzed files remain unchanged. If you change or remove some of the files, the result set can still be loaded, but you should expect a few non-fatal errors to show up in this case.

Tip: The result set is stored in a textual XML format. If you are really curious, you can open it with Notepad and have a look.