Running the first time

To get some results and have a look at them, follow these steps:

Step 1. Make sure you have a Java project in your workspace. If you don't, please download CodePro AnalytiX Evaluation project, or just use the New Project Wizard to generate some code.

Step 2. Select the project in Navigator or Project Explorer view, and choose Search > SimilarCode. You'll get a dialog like this:

Step 3. If your project is small, check the Find more matches by taking much more time checkbox. Click the Search button. Operation progress will be displayed.

Step 4. SimilarCode view opens automatically when the analysis is complete. The list of matches is displayed. (Note: If the list is empty, make sure you've set the checkbox in Step 3. Try also turning off some filters in the view menu.) Switch between three grouping modes and choose the one you like most.

Step 5. Click on a match to open the Compare Editor. When the view is active, you can navigate between matches by using Next Match and Previous Match buttons , or by pushing Space and Shift-Space on the keyboard.

The editor shows textual differences between the matched code snippets. Green lines designate identical code, yellow lines designate differing code (with differing tokens highlighted with red background), and red lines designate inserted/removed code.

A warning sign indicates possible renaming errors. More on this in Tracking down renaming errors with SimilarCode topic.