Productivity tips

Launch analysis from the context menu

You can quickly launch analysis with the most recently used options. Select the desired resource in Navigator or Project Explorer views, right-click and choose CodePro Tools > Find Similar Code command.

Use navigation hotkeys

While the Similar Code view is active (has keyboard focus), you can navigate to the next/previous match by pushing Space and Shift-Space keys on your keyboard.

Use Smart Expand / Smart Collapse buttons

Similar Code view's Smart Expand and Smart Collapse buttons aren't your Grandma's Expand All and Collapse All.

When you click Smart Expand the first time, it expands the packages / projects to make all files visible. When you click it the second time, it really expands the entire tree.

The first click on Smart Collapse button results in the tree being collapsed just enough to fit on the view without vertical scrolling. The second clicks really collapsed the