Preferences - Code Coverage

The History section of the code coverage preference page allows you to specify how many versions of each code coverage report should be maintained.

The Labels section allows you to control what information is displayed in the labels for the elements in the contents region. You can optionally include two pieces of information the delta between the earliest and latest reports for the code, and the number of lines of code that were not covered.

The Threshold section allows you to control whether results that are lower than some threshold are highlighted within the content region, and if so what that threshold should be and the color used to highlight those elements.

The Data Locations preference page allows you to specify additional locations in which CodePro should look for code coverage reports after the coverage engine runs. This can be useful when the code under test is running on a separate machine.

This feature is based on technology from the EMMA Project.
Copyright © 2001-2005 Vlad Roubtsov