Test Editor FAQ

In an assertTrue column I am entering information into the cell but nothing is happening.

Cells represent the expected values, since the expected value of assertTrue is always true, only by entering (or removing) the text "true" into an assertTrue column will anything happen. The same is true with assertFalse(), assertNull(), assertNotNull(), fail(): false/ !null/ null/ failure.

After I clicked the Add Tests button nothing appeared in the source code.

The parameters must be entered before the test is written to the source buffer.

Why can't I add assertions just after I click on Add Tests?

After clicking on the Add Test button the test hasn't been written to the buffer yet. To be able to add assertions, you must first give the test some parameter values.

Why do the Test Editor cells all turn gray when I make a change through the Java Editor?

Gray indicates unsaved changes. Once you save your change, the colors on the Test Editor changes.