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Audit - Rules - Manifest Files

This group contains audit rules that look for problems in manifest files.



Include Implementation Version

Manifest files should include an implementation version.

This audit rule checks for manifest files that do not include an implementation version, or include an implementation version with the wrong format. An implementation version is specified by defining an attribute with the name "Implementation-Version". The value of the attribute should consist of three integers, separated by periods, representing a major, minor, and micro version, in that order.

The following implementation version would be flagged as a violation because the version number is not well formed:

Implementation-Version: 2.3a

Missing Or Misplaced Manifest Version

Every manifest file must begin with the manifest version.

This audit rule finds manifest files that do not contain an attribute named "Manifest-Version", or in which the manifest version is not the first attribute listed in the file.

Missing Or Misplaced Section Name

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