Audit - Integration

Integrating CodePro into Rational Application Developer

All of the audit rules added by CodePro are available within the Application Developer code review facility. This is done by adding both code review rules and code reviews. Each code review rule is associated with a single audit rule, and each code review is associated with a single audit rule set.

When CodePro is installed, it adds one new code review for each audit rule set that is defined. Defining a new audit rule set will cause a new code review to be added. Removing an audit rule set will similarly remove the associated code review.

The audit rules that will be visible as code review rules within a CodePro added code review are those audit rules that are enabled within the audit rule set associated with the code review. The code review rules will initially all be enabled within the code review. Disabling a code review rule does not disable the associated audit rule within its audit rule set, but does prevent it from being used when that code review is run. Changing the enablement of audit rules within an audit rule set will cause the associated code review rules to become visible or invisible (as appropriate) within the code review.

When a CodePro added code review rule is selected, the same set of configuration options are available as when the audit rule is selected. However, the configuration options are shared between all code reviews and are independent of the settings in any audit rule set. When the code review rules are first created from the audit rules, their configuration parameters are set to their default values. Changes to those values are, of course, remembered across invocations of the workbench.

CodePro added code review rules also appear in some of the pre-defined code reviews. Which rules appear in which code reviews depends on how the default code reviews were defined. For example, all of the CodePro added code review rules appear in the code review named because it is defined to contain every code review rule from every provider.

Integrating Rational Application Developer into CodePro

CodePro also makes all of the Application Developer code review rules available for use within its code audit facility. Each code review rule is represented as an audit rule within each of the audit rule sets. The severity of each Application Developer added audit rule defaults to the severity of the corresponding code review rule, but can be changed independently in each audit rule set. Similarly, CodePro will maintain user-defined notes for each of the Application Developer added audit rules. Other properties of the code review rules are shared across all corresponding audit rules and must be set using the code review rules editor.

Clicking on the Defaults button for any Application Developer code review rule will open up a dialog showing the rule's Description, Examples, Solutions, Properties and Resource Filters.