Getting Started

This page provides step-by-step instructions for getting started with the ISP Portal API. Google requires that all ISP Portal API requests be authenticated with a service account that has been registered with Google's ISP Portal. This allows us to verify that your computer is allowed to send and retrieve information on behalf of the ISP or mobile network you represent.

Use the Google Developers Console to create and register a service account by following these instructions:

  1. Create a project and activate the API.

    To get started using Google ISP Portal API, you need to first create or select a project in the Google Developers Console and enable the API. Using this link guides you through the process and activates the Google ISP Portal API automatically.

    Alternatively, you can activate the Google ISP Portal API yourself in the Developers Console by doing the following:

    1. Go to the Google Developers Console.
    2. Select a project, or create a new one.
    3. In the sidebar on the left, expand APIs & auth. Next, click APIs. Select the Enabled APIs link in the API section to see a list of all your enabled APIs. Make sure that the Google ISP Portal API is on the list of enabled APIs. If you have not enabled it, select the API from the list of APIs, then select the Enable API button for the API.
    4. In the sidebar on the left, select Credentials.

    In either case, you end up on the Credentials page and can create your project's credentials from here.

  2. Create a service account.

    To set up a new service account, do the following:

    1. Under the OAuth heading, select Create new Client ID.
    2. When prompted, select Service Account and click Create Client ID.
    3. A dialog box appears. To proceed, click Okay, got it.

    Your new Public/Private key pair is generated and downloaded to your machine; it serves as the only copy of this key. You are responsible for storing it securely. The Console shows your private key's password only at this initial moment of service account creation--the password will not be shown again. You now have Generate New JSON Key and Generate New P12 Key options, and the ability to delete.

  3. Register your service account with the Google ISP Portal.

    Google needs to verify that your service account is associated with your network in the ISP Portal. Register your service account in the ISP Portal by doing the following:

    1. From the Credentials page of the Developers Console, copy the email address for your service account.
    2. Visit the API Access page at the ISP Portal.
    3. Click Add new API service account, paste your service account email address, and click Add.

    Your account will now be listed on the API Access page, and Google will authenticate your API requests with your network in the ISP Portal.