IoT Developer Console Overview

Android Things and Weave provide two critical platform components that work with Google Cloud Platform to build a complete Internet of Things (IoT) device. The IoT Developer Console is a tool to help developers develop, test, and manage their IoT devices.

Android Things—An OS for IoT developers who may or may not have mobile development experience, Android Things allows you to use the Android toolkit to target IoT devices. Android Studio supports IoT development through Android Things. The Android Things OS supports a subset of the Android SDK. You can use prototyping tools, such as Raspberry Pi 3, Intel Edison, and NXP Pico for the initial development of your IoT device. Google Cloud Platform components including Firebase can be integrated with Android Things. You can use various cloud services for storage, state management, and messaging.

Weave—An open communications platform that enables device makers to build smart, secure and connected devices quickly. The Weave platform provides device and mobile app SDKs, and Google cloud services to perform device registration, command propagation, storing of states through a mobile app, and integration with Google Assistant. Weave is available for integration into Android Things, embedded Linux, and microcontroller class devices.

IoT Developer Console—Weave works with the IoT Developer Console. The console provides tools to set up and manage your IoT device project settings and view a report of basic metrics of all deployed devices. See IoT Developer Console for Weave.