Class List

Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCIMAAdData object representation of a single ad
oCIMAAdBreakInfoSimple data object containing ad break metadata
oCIMAAVPlayerVideoDisplayAn implementation of the IMAVideoDisplay protocol
oCIMACompanionSimple data object containing metadata for a companion ad
oCIMACuepointData object representation of a cuepoint for a single ad break
oCIMALiveStreamRequestData object describing a live stream request
oCIMASettingsStores stream manager settings
oCIMAStreamManagerStream manager for requesting and handling stream playback
oC<IMAStreamManagerDelegate>A callback protocol for IMAStreamManager
oCIMAStreamRequestData class describing the stream request
oC<IMAVideoDisplay>Declares a protocol describing a player capable of playing a stream
\CIMAVODStreamRequestData object describing a VOD stream request

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