Class List

Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCIMAAdData object representing a single ad
oCIMAAdErrorSurfaces an error that occurred during ad loading or playing
oCIMAAdEventSimple data class used to transport ad playback information
oCIMAAdLoadingErrorDataAd error data that is returned when the ads loader fails to load the ad
oC<IMAAdPlaybackInfo>Groups various properties of the ad player
oCIMAAdPodInfoSimple data object containing podding metadata
oCIMAAdsLoadedDataAd data that is returned when the ads loader loads the ad
oCIMAAdsLoaderAllows the requesting of ads from the ad server
oC<IMAAdsLoaderDelegate>Delegate object that receives state change callbacks from IMAAdsLoader
oCIMAAdsManagerResponsible for playing ads
oC<IMAAdsManagerDelegate>A callback protocol for IMAAdsManager
oCIMAAdsRenderingSettingsSet of properties that influence how ads are rendered
oCIMAAdsRequestData class describing the ad request
oCIMAAVPlayerContentPlayheadAn implementation of IMAContentPlayhead for AVPlayer
oC<IMAContentPlayhead>Defines an interface for a class that tracks video content progress and exposes a key value observable property |currentTime|
\CIMACuepointData object representation of a cuepoint for a single ad break

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