As of July 5, 2017 the Flash SDK is deprecated. We recommend using the HTML5 SDK for inline ads with web video content.

Upgrading from IMA Flash SDK version 2

To upgrade to version 3 of the Google IMA Flash SDK (if you have already integrated version 2 into your video player), download and import version 3 into your development environment using either the SDK Library SWC or MXP file. Package names can be used to easily distinguish version 2 classes from their version 3 equivalents. For example:

  • Version 2:
  • Version 3:

Then, review the important changes in version 3 in the Changes to the AdsLoader and AdsRequest and Changes to the AdsManager sections below.

Note: If you will be using ads from AdSense or Ad Exchange, refer to these parameter descriptions to create IMA SDK v3-compliant ad tags for your ad requests.

Changes to the AdsLoader and AdsRequest

Changes to the AdsManager

The AdsManager has been redesigned in version 3. The significant changes you need to understand when upgrading your implementation are summarized in the following three sections.

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