As of July 5, 2017 the Flash SDK is deprecated. We recommend using the HTML5 SDK for inline ads with web video content.


The IMA Flash SDK offers downloadable interface libraries that enable ActionScript 3 code hints and auto-completion in Flash CS3 and CS4 authoring environments. These strongly-typed interfaces also enable compile-time checking.

File SDK Version Notes
MXP file 3 This file enables automated installation via the Adobe Extension Manager. Once the downloaded file is open, follow the on-screen prompts in the Installation Wizard.
Samples 3 Sample to assist with the implementation of the IMA Flash SDK. The sample pack contains an example of the SDK implementation for Flex video players. If you would like to modify the provided sample, be sure to have installed and configured the SWC or MXP file and have reviewed the README file.

To install the Google IMA Library SWC, check out Compiling with Flash Builder, FlashDevelop or Command Line.

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IMA SDK for Flash
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