Important: iGoogle will be retired on November 1, 2013. We are no longer accepting new gadget submissions, but you can still update your previously submitted gadgets.

To enhance the user experience on iGoogle and create a robust environment for gadgets, we are working to create a clear set of policies for gadgets. A lot of questions around these policies are answered below. Please note that the information below is subject to change at any time. If you are unsure of whether something is acceptable or have any other feedback, please contact us


Will Google allow developers to include advertising in their gadgets?

Absolutely, but there will be some restrictions. Ads will be limited to the canvas view only and certain types of ads will not be allowed. Developers are free to use any ad provider to place ads in their gadget. However, we strive to maintain the best user experience, and as such, we plan on surveying users to determine how ads impact user satisfaction. Poor user ratings and reviews may impact a gadget's viral features, ranking, and directory listing.

What types of ads are allowed?

Ads cannot move across the page or expand beyond their initial bounds - they must hold a persistent location. No pop-up windows are allowed. Audio ads cannot be initiated without user action.


Who are friends in iGoogle?

For development purposes, you can add friends through the friends manager gadget included with the developer tools. You can only share activities with other friends who have access to the developer sandbox. This is not the final network that will be used in iGoogle. Users will have full control over who their friends are and will be able to easily modify their list of friends. Stay tuned for details.


What are profiles in iGoogle?

For development purposes, you can modify your profile data (displayname and thumbnail) using the profile gadget included with the developer tools. This is not the final profile or data that will be used in iGoogle. Stay tuned for details.


How often can a gadget post updates?

A gadget can post up to 3 updates per user per day. For gadget development and testing purposes, there is a limit of 20 updates per gadget per user per day. Posting updates requires explicit permission from the user granted during the installation of a social gadget.

Notifications / Messages

Will iGoogle support notifications?

iGoogle does not currently support requestSendMessage. We do not yet have a timeline for its availability.

Gadget Invites

Will iGoogle support inviting friends to add a gadget?

Yes, gadgets can use requestShareApp to enable sharing. When requestShareApp is called, iGoogle will prompt the user to select others to invite to use the gadget. Invitees without an iGoogle account will receive an email, while existing iGoogle users will see a notification within the iGoogle UI.

Gadget Permissions

Can users control if gadgets can post updates, send messages, or send gadget invites?

Yes, a user will be asked to grant permissions when the user installs a social gadget.

Will my existing gadgets still work in iGoogle?

Yes, existing gadgets will continue to work. If the user navigates to canvas view for gadgets that don't have one, iGoogle will display information about the gadget in the extra space in canvas view