iGoogle Users

Important: iGoogle will be retired on November 1, 2013. We are no longer accepting new gadget submissions, but you can still update your previously submitted gadgets.

Every day, people worldwide choose iGoogle as their homepage, customizing it with information and tools they find useful. To help you build a better gadget, here is some information about our users:

  • There are tens of millions of active users on iGoogle worldwide
  • iGoogle was one of the fastest growing Google products in 2006 and 2007, and continues to grow
  • Approximately 50% of iGoogle users are in the U.S., with large user bases in the U.K., France, Japan, Germany, Canada, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands as well
  • iGoogle is available in 42 languages and 73 domains

About iGoogle users

iGoogle provides users with their own private page to personalize with content that they find most interesting and useful. Each iGoogle page is as unique as the person who creates it. Some use iGoogle to keep a pulse of the day, frequently checking news headlines, stocks and weather. Others track their favorite blogs, play games, or keep a list of their to-do's. You can develop a gadget to satisfy any of these needs and preferences.

What users want

  1. Concise gadgets. Users have limited space in home view so try and be conservative with the gadget's height. Add more content and functionality in canvas view.
  2. Fresh content. Keep users engaged with up to date content every time they see their homepage.
  3. Personalized content. Gadgets that contain content focused around the user will perform better. Remember that the iGoogle pages are private for the user's eyes only.
  4. Speed and more speed. Users want fast gadgets.

Top 5 Google Gadgets

Gadget Users
Weather 14.9M
Date & Time 12.4M
CNN.com 10.8M
How to of the Day 10.6M
Movies 7.9M