Important: iGoogle will be retired on November 1, 2013. We are no longer accepting new gadget submissions, but you can still update your previously submitted gadgets.

Welcome to the developer site for iGoogle, Google's personalized homepage. Gadgets on iGoogle support canvas view, a common set of APIs, HTML, and JavaScript designed to let you easily build useful applications.

Manage your gadgets

Use the new iGoogle gadget dashboard to manage gadgets created by you and browse gadgets developed by others.

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Enhance your content

iGoogle is Google's personalized homepage that users can customize with the information and tools they use everyday. You can now develop richer gadgets with large canvas views, and MediaRSS to make your content more engaging and useful.

Drive traffic and monetize

Top gadgets have millions of users and receive several hundred thousand page views per week. Drive traffic back to your site. Monetize your gadget how you like.

Getting Started

  1. Check out the Getting Started Guide
  2. Read the Anatomy of an iGoogle Gadget
  3. Learn more with our Developer's Guide
  4. Add your gadget to the Gadget Dashboard