Fill the background with a single color

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Supermoto Mayhem by Troy Lee

You can use a single color to fill-in the background behind your header image. As the page gets wider, this color will appear to the sides of your header image. To make the transition between the header and background color seamless, your header image should blend into the same color on the left and right sides. You can then use that color as the background.

"Supermoto Mayhem" by Troy Lee uses this technique. Each of the header images blends seamlessly into the black background. As the page gets wider, the image doesn't move, but the black background fills the page.

You can se the background color with the header.background_color attribute.

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About the author

Troy Lee began painting helmets for his friends when he was just a teenager. Today, Troy Lee Designs is recognized as the premier custom helmet paint shop in the world, and also offers a full product line of casual wear and racing clothing and accessories. His designs have become a staple of the world's best racers - from F1 to Indy to NASCAR, Motocross to Enduro to Freestyle, Dirt Track to Road Racing, MTB to BMX and on down the line.