Creating a dynamic theme

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Earth-light by Yves Behar/fuseproject

The header image, logo, text colors, and more can all change throughout the day based on time of day or weather. Feel free to create as many designs as you like - you could change it every minute if you wanted to! But remember, changes during hours at night are not seen often, and having too many images may cause users to miss a few.

"Earth-light" by Yves Behar/fuseproject illustrates a clever way to use this technique. In this theme, the header image changes every hour to reflect the current daylight hours on Earth.

You can create a dynamic theme by utilizing the "Trait" attribute to describe a period of time when each image should display.

Yves's inspiration
"Inspired by the global reach of the project, our concept is Creative Consciousness - exploring the link between awareness and inspiration. This theme aims to provide simple tools that help people visualize how the world is changing."

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About the author

Yves Behar is the founder of the San Francisco design studio fuseproject. fuseproject's focus is on humanistic design, tapping into the "giving" element of the creative profession, with the goal of creating projects deeply in-tune with the needs of a sustainable future, connected with human emotions, and self-expressive. Most recently, he and his firm have designed the $100 laptop titled One Laptop Per Child, aimed at bringing access to education to the world's poorest children. Yves' commercial projects are studied for their innovation and impact. This is exemplified with projects such as the Herman Miller LEAF Lamp, the Aliph Jawbone and Y Water.