Relyingparty: uploadAccount

Batch upload existing user accounts.


HTTP request


Request body

In the request body, supply data with the following structure:

  "users": [
      "localId": string,
      "email": string,
      "emailVerified": boolean,
      "displayName": string,
      "providerUserInfo": [
          "providerId": string,
          "displayName": string,
          "photoUrl": string,
          "federatedId": string
      "photoUrl": string,
      "passwordHash": bytes,
      "salt": bytes,
      "version": integer,
      "passwordUpdatedAt": double
  "hashAlgorithm": string,
  "signerKey": bytes,
  "saltSeparator": bytes,
  "rounds": integer,
  "memoryCost": integer
Property name Value Description Notes
hashAlgorithm string The password hash algorithm.
Supported algorithms are:
  • "SCRYPT"
  • "PBKDF_SHA1"
  • "HMAC_SHA256"
  • "HMAC_SHA512"
  • "HMAC_SHA1"
  • "HMAC_MD5"
  • "SHA1"
  • "MD5"
signerKey bytes The key for to hash the password.
saltSeparator bytes The salt separator.
rounds integer Rounds for hash calculation. Used by scrypt and similar algorithms.
memoryCost integer Memory cost for hash calculation. Used by scrypt similar algorithms.
users[] list The account info to be stored.
users[].localId string The local ID of the user.
users[].email string The email of the user.
users[].emailVerified boolean Whether the email has been verified.
users[].displayName string The name of the user.
users[].providerUserInfo[] list The IDP of the user.
users[].providerUserInfo[].providerId string The IdP ID. For white listed IdPs it's a short domain name, e.g.,,, and For other OpenID IdPs it's the OP identifier.
users[].providerUserInfo[].displayName string The user's display name at the IDP.
users[].providerUserInfo[].photoUrl string The user's photo url at the IDP.
users[].providerUserInfo[].federatedId string User's identifier at IDP.
users[].photoUrl string The URL of the user profile photo.
users[].passwordHash bytes The user's hashed password.
users[].salt bytes The user's password salt.
users[].version integer Version of the user's password.
users[].passwordUpdatedAt double The timestamp when the password was last updated.


If successful, this method returns a response body with the following structure:

  "kind": "identitytoolkit#UploadAccountResponse",
  "error": [
      "index": integer,
      "message": string
Property name Value Description Notes
kind string The fixed string "identitytoolkit#UploadAccountResponse".
error[] list The error encountered while processing the account info.
error[].index integer The index of the malformed account, starting from 0.
error[].message string Detailed error message for the account info.