The newest version of Google Identity Toolkit has been released as Google Cloud's Identity Platform and Firebase Authentication. These products include upgraded client SDKs, open source UI libraries, session management and integrated email sending service for forgotten password flows.

Based on your needs, new projects should use either Identity Platform or Firebase Authentication. To migrate an existing project from Identity Toolkit, see the Identity Platform migration guide or Firebase Authentication migration guide.


GitkitClient.SignInCallbacks Interface for callback methods which are called when the sign in process is finished. 
UiManager An interface for handling the UI. 
UiManager.Request An interface that represents a request from the UiManager to UiManager.RequestHandler
UiManager.RequestHandler An interface for handling requests from UiManager


GitkitClient The main entry for identitytoolkit integration. 
GitkitClientBuilder Builder for GitkitClient
GitkitUser Class that holds the basic account information of the user. 
GitkitUser.UserProfile Data holder for user profile, including email, display name, photo URL, and ID provider. 
IdToken Class that represents an ID token. 
UiManager.SignInWithPasswordRequest Contains information for signing in a user with email and password. 
UiManager.SignUpWithPasswordRequest Contains information for signing up a new user. 
UiManager.StartSignInRequest Contains information for initiating a sign in flow. 
UiManager.VerifyAccountWithIdpRequest Contains information for verifiying a user with previous used identity provider. 
UiManager.VerifyAccountWithPasswordRequest Contains information for verifying a user with password. 


IdProvider An enum that represents an identity provider. 
UiManager.ErrorCode Errors that should be handled by the UI.