The newest version of Google Identity Toolkit has been released as Google Cloud's Identity Platform and Firebase Authentication. These products include upgraded client SDKs, open source UI libraries, session management and integrated email sending service for forgotten password flows.

Based on your needs, new projects should use either Identity Platform or Firebase Authentication. To migrate an existing project from Identity Toolkit, see the Identity Platform migration guide or Firebase Authentication migration guide.


public static interface GitkitClient.SignInCallbacks

Interface for callback methods which are called when the sign in process is finished. The callback method runs in UI thread.

Public Method Summary

abstract void
onSignIn(IdToken idToken, GitkitUser gitkitUser)
abstract void

Public Methods

public abstract void onSignIn (IdToken idToken, GitkitUser gitkitUser)

After user successfully signs in, this method is invoked with the IdToken and signed in GitkitUser.

idToken the ID token issued by identitytoolkit service. This ID Token will always be valid at the time of this call.
gitkitUser the user account information.

public abstract void onSignInFailed ()

The callback invoked when the sign in fails.