Try Sign-In for iOS

Use our iOS sample app to see how Sign-In works, or add Sign-In to your existing app.

To use this sample, make sure you have a current version of Xcode installed.

Get the project


  1. If you don't already have CocoaPods installed, follow the steps in the CocoaPods Getting Started guide.
  2. From a terminal, start with the sample using the following command:

    pod try GoogleSignIn

    CocoaPods will clone the sample project from GitHub and open it in Xcode.

Swift Package Manager

  1. Clone the Google Sign-In for iOS repository:
    git clone
  2. Open the SignInSample project in Xcode:
    open GoogleSignIn-iOS/Sample/SignInSample.xcodeproj/

When you open the project, Xcode automatically downloads the project dependencies using Swift Package Manager.

Run the application

Screenshot of the sample app

Now you're ready to build and run the sample app from Xcode.

Select the SignInSample target then start the sample application on a device or in the iOS simulator by clicking the run button for the workspace.

Next steps

If you want to see how you can implement Google Sign-In in your own app, take a look at our implementation guide. Or, take a look at the complete sample on GitHub.

Add Sign-In to your app See the sample on GitHub

Did you have a good experience? Run into trouble? Let us know!