Sign In With Google Release Notes

This page contains a list of the new features and significant changes to the Google Identity Services JavaScript library.


  • Federated Credential Management (FedCM) Beta for Google Identity Services was launched in August 2023. Many developers tested the API and have provided valuable feedback.

    One response Google heard from developers is about the FedCM automatic sign-in flow user gesture requirement. For improved privacy, Chrome requires users to reconfirm that they want to sign in to the website with Google Account in each Chrome instance even if the user approved the website prior to the FedCM rollout. This one-time reconfirmation is achieved through a single click of the One Tap prompt to demonstrate user intent to sign-in. This change may cause an initial disruption in automatic sign-in conversion rates for some websites.

    Recently in M121, Chrome made a change to the FedCM automatic sign-in flow UX. The reconfirmation is only required when third-party cookies are restricted. This means:

    1. Before third-party cookie restrictions are ramped up to 100% (see Privacy Sandbox News and Update page for latest timeline), FedCM automatic sign-in does not require reconfirmation for returning users. If users reconfirm with FedCM UI, this reconfirmation will count toward the user gesture requirement for the post-3PCD era.

    2. FedCM automatic sign-in will check the reconfirmation status when the third-party cookies are manually restricted by users today, or by default in future Chrome.

    With this change, we recommend all automatic sign-in developers migrate to FedCM as soon as possible, to reduce disruption to automatic sign-in conversion rates.

    For the automatic sign-in flow, GIS JavaScript won't trigger FedCM on an older Chrome (before M121), even if your website chooses to opt-in to FedCM.