Integration Overview

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Before you can successfully display your hotel ads or free booking links on Google, you must first perform a series of one-time tasks to set up your environment. After that, you'll perform periodic maintenance tasks to ensure that your data is kept up to date.

One-time tasks

For an overview of the one-time tasks that you perform during your initial implementation, see Hotels onboarding guide.

Ongoing tasks

The following table summarizes the data feeds and files that you regularly provide to Google after you have completed the one-time tasks and started providing Hotel Prices:

Type of Data Description Structure Frequency
Pricing & Room Inventory Update pricing and availability for your hotels, including base rates, conditional rates, and private rates for rooms and Room Bundles. The way in which you update price information depends on your delivery mode:
  • Pull: Google requests pricing updates from your server, to which you respond with the updates.
  • Changed Pricing: Similar to Pull, but with an additional step to reduce the amount of traffic.
  • ARI: You push messages when new or changed data for your pricing model is available.

For more information, see Delivery Modes.

<HintRequest>, <Hint>, <Query>, <Transaction> Very frequently
Hotel List

Keep your list of properties up-to-date, especially for closures and openings. To update the list, use your chosen delivery method: manual upload via Hotel Center or hosting files on a server.

Fix data issues as they arise. You can use various tools to identify and fix data issues, including the Matching Report and Manual Match Fix tool.

<listings> As needed
Landing Pages Manage and update dynamic landing page URLs. These are the URLs that take users to partner websites after users click on prices on Google. These URLs can also be configured to track this traffic. Landing pages are defined through your landing pages file for upload in Hotel Center. Landing Pages File As needed
Room and Package Metadata Update your room and Room Bundle descriptions. Room descriptions likely change very infrequently (as often as the hotel itself changes their room configurations). Room Bundle descriptions typically change more frequently. <Transaction> About once/week
Price Accuracy Score Ensure that your Price Accuracy Score consistently stays at "Excellent" to prevent any lost participation. You can check your score with the Price Accuracy Report in the Hotel Center. N/A As needed
Price Feed Configuration Adjust your pricing bandwidth including hotels per query and hotel itineraries per second (settings vary by delivery mode). Price Configuration tool As needed
Bidding (Hotel Ads only) Submit bids to the auction via the Google Ads API or using Google Ads manual entry (as described in Choose a bid for Hotel ads). N/A As needed
Spending caps (Hotel Ads only) Use the Google Ads API to control your spend with bidding at the campaign level or with your budget at the account level. N/A As needed

For additional information about configuring and updating your data feeds, contact us.