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Learn why Google is the best platform on which to build, innovate and grow. Watch the keynotes, technical sessions and workshops to see how Google helps you build the most engaging smart home experiences.

Missed the event? All sessions and content are available on-demand at the summit site.
Learn how Google empowers developers to create experiences across Android, Nest, the Google Home app and Google Assistant, that let users do more with your devices. Preview upcoming Matter and Thread tools you'll use to build your next devices and apps.
Whether you're writing firmware for your devices, or building mobile apps, see how Google Home developer tools reduce complexity and merge seamlessly into your existing workflows. Focus on what matters most—creating innovative solutions that delight customers.
Launching early next year, the new developer center will have everything you'll need to integrate smart home devices, mobile apps and automations with Google.
Coming in 2022, Matter is an open standard that lets your device work with any smart home ecosystem using a single protocol. We're adding support for Matter in the Google Home Developer Center, and announcing new tools for Matter development across Google Home and Android.
The Google Home Device SDK is a unified experience to build, test and deploy your Matter devices to ensure they work seamlessly with Google Home and Android.
Build native Matter apps on Android with the Google Home Mobile SDK, and enable users to link their smart home devices to your app during setup, or after, with a few easy taps—no need to link accounts.
Customize Matter device setup in Android and the Google Home app with Google Home Developer Console. Highlight your brand during setup, and on Android users can connect devices as easily as connecting a pair of headphones.
Quickly create branded, suggested routines for your users. These routines not only work with your devices, but also millions more that are connected through the Google Home ecosystem. Users can discover, enable and modify these suggestions directly in the Google Home app.

Public developer access and workshops start in 2022.

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