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Explore tools that help you build and connect your products to Google. These tools enable you to create great smart home experiences, test integrations and gain meaningful insights.

Not sure which integration to use? Use our product guide to choose which one meets your product and business goals.

Works with Hey Google

Enable users to control linked devices with the Google Home app, Nest devices, Google Assistant, and Android home controls
Integrate your device with Google Home using a cloud-to-cloud connection through the Smart Home API. Join millions of devices connected through our API today.
Need a local path to cloud integration? Local Home SDK makes devices responsive and reliable. You can also build a local-only connection with Bluetooth and Seamless Setup.
Matter is an open standard that lets your device work with any ecosystem using a single protocol. We'll provide embedded and mobile SDKs, a suite of dev tools, and full ecosystem support for Matter—coming 2022.

Additional resources

More tools for Works with Hey Google
Start using our Visual Studio Code integration for your smart home device's embedded development.
Create virtual devices to test and debug a cloud-to-cloud smart home integration.

More ways to work with Google

Integrate Nest devices with your platforms and services, or build apps that share audio and video to Cast-enabled TVs and speakers
Extend your app's content to Cast-enabled TVs, displays and speakers with the Google Cast SDK. Your app and Google Assistant become the remote control to play, pause and stop all media.
Integrate Google Nest devices into your app, service, or ecosystem with the Smart Device Management (SDM) API. Securely access, control and manage Google Nest devices. API access may require an application and security review for commercial use.
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