We’ve made the difficult decision to sunset Hire by Google on September 1, 2020. Learn more.

Getting started with the Hire API


Using the API requires the following steps:

  1. Request access to the Hire API
  2. Authorize Requests
    1. Create/Select GCP project
    2. Enable the Hire API in the GCP project
    3. Create OAuth Client Credentials
  3. Make API calls

The sections below walk you through this process.

Request Access to the Hire API

The Hire API is in beta and access is limited. Hire customers can request access by completing the steps below:

  1. Have your G Suite Admin sign the Google Cloud Pre-General Availability Program Agreement (PAPA) and Customer Enrollment Form, which gives your company access to beta features.
  2. Fill out the Hire API Access Request Form. The Hire support team will review the request and respond when access has been granted. Access is not guaranteed at this time.

Authorize Requests

See Authorize Requests Guide.

API Reference

Review the API Reference which documents the REST resources and operations.

Making calls

Google recommends using published client libraries to simplify API calls and OAuth login and token management. See the Hire API Libraries.