gtag.js Parameter reference

The tables below represent parameters that you can config, set, or pass with a gtag() event, regardless of product. There is a table for control parameters, and another for event parameters.

For more information on these parameters, refer to the product-specific documentation:

Control parameters

Parameter Value Type Example Value Description
groups string or array of strings 'default,ga' Used by the config command to assign a target to one or more groups.
send_to string or array of strings 'AW-CONVERSION_ID' Sets the target account/property that is to receive the event data.
event_callback function function() { form.submit(); } JavaScript callback function called when processing of an event command has completed.
event_timeout integer 2000 Timeout used for event_callback in milliseconds.

Event parameters

Parameter Value Type Example Value Description
checkout_option string 'Visa' Used for ecommerce events
checkout_step integer 2 Used for ecommerce events
content_id string 'article-8704' Content Id (context specific)
content_type string 'article' Type of content that was selected
coupon string 'spring_fun' Coupon code for a purchasable item
currency string 'USD' Purchase currency in 3-letter ISO_4217 format
description string

fatal boolean FALSE Used for measuring exceptions
items array
An array of items (typically a list of products). Used for ecommerce events.
items[].brand string 'Google' Brand of the item
items[].category string 'Apparel/T-Shirts' Item category
items[].creative_name string 'spring_banner_2' Name of a creative used
items[].creative_slot string 'banner_slot_1' Name of the creative slot
items[].id string 'P12345' Unique ID/SKU for the item
items[].location_id string 'Mountain View' Location of the item
items[].name string 'Android Warhol T-Shirt' Item name
items[].price currency '29.2' Purchase price of the item
items[].quantity integer 2 Item quantity
method string 'Google' Used with login, signup, and share methods
name string
Context specific value
promotions array
An array of promotion items ( typically a list of products).
promotions[].creative_name string 'summer_banner_2' The name of a creative used
promotions[].creative_slot string 'banner_slot_1' The name of the creative slot
promotions[].id string 'promotion8' Promotion ID
promotions[].name string '20% discount' Name of promotion
screen_name string
Required screen_view event parameter (along with app_name).
search_term string 'watches' Search term that user entered
shipping currency '5.99' Shipping cost for transaction
tax currency '2.43' Tax amount for transaction
transaction_id string 'T12345' Transaction ID
value number 22 Value (i.e. revenue) associated with the event