G Suite Developer Newsletter
January 2018
NEW Apps Script Developer Console, CLI and API
NEW Apps Script Dashboard, command line interface and API
Happy new year! To start you off on the right foot, we are doubling down on Apps Script with a brand new developer dashboard experience, API and a command-line interface we've dubbed clasp.
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Calendar API now with better Hangouts support
Develop and publish Gmail Add-ons for your domain
We launched Gmail Add-ons last year to make it easier for developers to bring their app into Gmail. This month, we are making it easier for you to build and publish custom Gmail Add-ons for your domain.
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Deprecating the Realtime API
Google Assistant Community Developer Program
Build apps that power productivity for Google Assistant users. Today you can access G Suite apps like Gmail and Calendar on the Assistant -- say, “Ok Google, when is my next meeting?” or “Hey Google, send an email” to see it in action. You can also build your own productivity app to help users get things done, with $200 in free monthly Google Cloud credit and other exclusive perks when you publish your first app.
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API & Tooling news
Launched: Slides API Codelab—our new Codelab walks you through an example of how to use the Slide and BigQuery APIs to scrape data from a source and “present it” with just a few lines of code.
Launched: New security protections to reduce risk from unverified apps—These additional protections introduce bolder warnings to inform users about newly created web apps and Apps Scripts that are pending verification.
Launched: Manage legal matters and holds programmatically with the Google Vault API—The Vault API allows to programmatically create, list, update, and delete matters and holds for data supported by Vault.
Launched: Google People API now supports updates to Contacts and Contact Groups—The new endpoints allow developers to create, delete and update a single contact as well as to read and write contact groups.
Launched: Updated Developer Identity Guidelines and Registration Processes to Protect Users—These new guidelines cover the app publishing process, risk assessment systems, and user-facing consent page in order to better detect spoofed or misleading application identities.
Launched: New Google Drive Metrics Now Accessible from Reports API—The new metrics methods provide greater visibility into how files are shared inside and outside of domain.
Launched: Updates to End User Consent for 3rd-party Apps and Single Sign-on Providers—We are implementing a new redirect form to make it clear to users which account they are authenticating with, as well as the permissions they are granting to applications.
Where to find us
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