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Alternate Runtimes for G Suite Add-ons (beta)

As an alternative to Apps Script, you can build G Suite Add-ons with Alternate Runtimes.

Alternate Runtimes is a back-end framework that lets you make calls to any HTTPS endpoint on your platform and reuse your existing hosting infrastructure, development tool chain, source control system, preferred coding language, and code libraries.

With Alternate Runtimes, you can:

  • Automate testing and deployments.
  • Perform background tasks using your add-on’s hosting service.
  • Bypass the Apps Script environment for improved performance.

Use the G Suite Add-ons Cloud API (beta)

Additionally, you can employ the G Suite Add-ons Cloud API to manage your G Suite Add-on deployments.

With the G Suite Add-ons Cloud API, you can:

  • Create deployments without an Apps Script project.
  • Create and manage deployments using command-line tools.
  • Manage deployment permissions using granular Cloud IAM permissions.
  • Grant deployment permissions to service accounts or regular users.

Sign up to become a beta tester

Alternate Runtimes and the G Suite Add-ons Cloud API are both in beta testing and not yet available to the general public. To gain access, sign up to become a beta tester.