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Shenzhen, China

Welcome to Shenzhen Google Developer Group (GDG Shenzhen) G+ page!  We the developers in Shenzhen, China, the largest industry base for electronics, mobile device, and embedded software development in the world.  In this beautiful ocean-shore city and the surrounding areas, we are the developers who are interested in learning and using various Google technologies to build new products and services on Internet and on mobile platforms. We aim to lean new Google technologies, Open Source, open standards, by helping each other, sharing our development experiences through many leaning events, to promote innovation, business start-up for Internet and mobile applications. GDG Shenzhen is an open and free community, and anyone can join. Come join us for the opportunity to learn from each other in this community!

欢迎你来到深圳谷歌开发者社区G+ 页面!深圳及周边地区是中国乃至全球最大的电子产品和嵌入式软件开发基地。在我们美丽的滨海城市,我们有大量的从事嵌入式软件、移动设备产品、通讯产品等高科技产品的开发者,以及大量的电子产品和手机的厂商。在这个充满创新精神的硅谷之地,我们这一群热爱互联网、移动设备等技术创新的爱好者们组成了我们深圳地区的谷歌开发者社区GDG Shenzhen。我们将本着利用互联网技术、以及谷歌的各种开发技术、包括领先业界的移动操作系统Android等技术推动创新的精神,来推动基于互联网和移动平台的创新。我们也将大力支持Linux、开源代码、和公开网络标准的推广,致力于推动有利于公平创新和互联网在中国的进一步健康发展。GDG Shenzhen是一个开放和自由的社区,任何人都可以加入。欢迎你来加入我们这个社区! 

Shenzhen GDG

Disclaimer: GDG Shenzhen is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed on this +Page should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation.

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