GDG Voronezh

Voronezh, Russia

The Google Developer Group of Voronezh, Russia. One of the most active GDG communities in Russia, was established in 2009 with help from DataArt and Voronezh State University. Developers of all skill levels are welcome to join us. It doesn't matter if you're new to the world of Google technologies, we're always happy to see new faces.

We organize and take part in a variety of activities: technical meetings, hackathons, Design Sprints, and of course the annual Google I/O Extended.

Every year we come together for the most important local event for Google developers — GDG DevFest Voronezh. Experts from Voronezh and other cities and countries share their collective experience in many areas: from mobile apps to Front-end development, Android Wear, design and security.

If you want to join us — write to support.vrn@dataart.com to subscribe to GDG-related news and announcements.

Disclaimer: GDG Voronezh is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed on this page should in no way be deemed the opinion or activities of Google itself.

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