GDG Hangzhou

Hangzhou, China

Welcome to GDG(Google Developer Groups) Hangzhou

GDG Hangzhou is a community of developers in Hangzhou, who are interested in Google developer technologies, Mobile applications, Internet development, Open source, and other Internet technologies in general. We are an open community that welcomes anyone to join us. We aim to promote innovation and Internet application development based on Google technologies, Open Source technologies, and other open standard technologies.

This is an open and free community, so please feel free to post your questions, and share your learning and knowledge. We hope you will find this community to be beneficial to your learning and pursuit of innovation and business success.

We(organizers) welcome more members to volunteer your time to help organizing more events. Feel free to let we know if you can help.

Thank you!

Google+: https://google.com/+GDGHangzhou
or G+ URL(ID): https://plus.google.com/107736551552874801480
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关于杭州GDG(谷歌开发者社区): www.hzgdg.org/about

Disclaimer: GDG Hangzhou is an independent group; our activities and the opinions should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation.

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