GDG Chicago Android

Chicago, IL, United States

Welcome to Google Developers Group - GDG Chicago Android

Congratulations, we grew up to be one of the biggest and oldest Google Developers organizations in the world with over 80 meetings, 1,000 followers, 850 registered subscribers at ChicagoAndroid.com and over 1,400 attendees of our past events.  We operate continuously since 2007 promoting Java related technologies!

Come and share the Google programming knowledge on these topics:

  • Google App Engine
  • Google APIs that include Maps, YouTube, Blogger, g+
  • Android programming
  • present your new app using Google technology
  • share some cool Google technology
  • pitch a hot start-up idea (looking for Google developers)

We talk in smaller interest groups in hangouts online and in cafes around Chicago.

Please make sure to +1 this page and become a member.

Group Manager:
Uki D. Lucas, see contact info section.

Group Co-Managers:
Yulia T.
Natalia L.

Disclaimer: GDG Chicago Android is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed here should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation

Some more info and fun stats:

- we have 878 members (as of Feb 2014)

please note that we are BIGGER THAN:

- New York has 620,
- Los Angeles 364,
- San Francisco 782
- only Silicon Valley is  (understandably) BIGGER than us! Let's fix that!

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