GDG New York

New York, NY, United States

Disclaimer: GDG New York City is an independent, community-driven group of technology enthusiasts. Activities and opinions expressed by us are not to be linked with that of Google, the corporation.

We generally meet once a month. The format of the meetings varying from presenters to individual interactive groups that focus on one technology in detail. To attend one of our upcoming meetings, check our Meetup Page.

#gdg #2015 (Year 6 Highlights)
Android Study Jam (Feb-Apr)
Women TechMakers (Mar)
I/O Extended (May)
Android Hack@Home (June)
Google Cloud 1-day Training (July)
Tango/VR Hackathon (Aug)
Firebase Workshop (Aug)
GoLang Workshop (Sep)
Polymer + Wear (Oct)
DevFest + FireHack (Nov)

#gdg #2014: (Year 5 Highlights)
DartFlight School (Jan)
Women TechMakers (Mar)
Dev+Art (Mar)
Android Wear (multiple events)
Polymer DevFest, ItsHackademic (Oct/Nov)
Android (DroidCon Recap)
Google Glass, Google Cloud, IO Recap, Prediction API, and much more.

#gdg #2013 summary of activities:
December: Objective-C Client Library for Google APIs, Chrome Dev Summit Highlights,  Android KitKat Overview, Glass GDK, 248 members
October: Google+ Sign-In, API Explorer and OAuth 2 Playground tools, Google Web Designer, Android+Glass, 141 members
September: Meteor JS!, 98 members
August: Android 4.3 featuring Restricted Profiles, ActionBarCompat and an overview of all the new 4.3 features, 204 members
July: Android 4.3, Google Play Developer Console in practice, Navigation Drawer best practices, Language Dynamism vs Battery Life, 218 members
June:  Android: A Deep Dive Into ViewPager, AppScript and Google Drive + Android, Android Monetization, 172 members
May: Google I/O recap!, 111 members
April: AngularJS Exposed, Google Glass, 120 members
March: Cloud Platform Developer Tools, Starting on App Engine with Python, 122 members
Feb: HyperDex Warp, Angular JS, Heating Your House via Android, 
Jan:  Paxos works and the impact it has on distributed systems,  Google Knowledge Graph, 159 members

#gdg #2012 summary of activities:
December 12 GDG Festive Meetup - 176 members October 23 BigQuery, Oauth 2.0, and Big Data with Go 172 members September 26 Using the Google APIs 174 members July 18 Post Google IO Recap 173 members May 2 May NYC Google Developer Group - Google Hangout API 175 members February 22 Solving Problems with Google Technologies 148 members January 26 Developing for Ice Cream Sandwich (Android Joint Meetup)

There's also been a weekly study/project group for Android (and now Glass):

more info available at http://www.meetup.com/NYC-GDG

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