GDG New York

New York, NY, United States

Disclaimer: GDG New York City is an independent, community-driven group of technology enthusiasts. Activities and opinions expressed by us are not to be linked with that of Google, the corporation.

We are a technology-based organization run voluntarily by dedicated community organizers. We are always looking for volunteer help in running events, and are open to community suggestions and contributions in terms of speakers, event venues and sponsorships. Interested in working with us? Just talk to one of the organizers for more information. 


We are software developers, designers, educators and students with an interest in learning about emergent technologies in areas including (but not limited to) mobile, web, wearables, cloud computing, education technology, data sciences and smart homes. Our events can vary from featured Tech Talks (40 mins or more) to Short Talks (20 mins), Lightning Talks (5 mins) as well as focused events (workshops, hackathons, study jams). 

Our talks may feature Google technology (e.g., Chrome, Android, AngularJS, Google Glass, Android Wear, Polymer, Google Compute Engine ..) but also extends to competitive technologies, products and platforms. Our primary goal is to create actionable networking, collaboration and entrepreneurial connections for technology enthusiasts in the New York City.

http://www.meetup.com/gdgnyc/ is the official GDG NYC meetup page as of April 2016.

Previously, we were located at http://www.meetup.com/nyc-gdg -- however, as of 2016, that page has been repurposed for use as a general developer community and is primarily relevant to GDG NYC as a historical archive of past events. 

For all current and future events, the correct Meetup Link is: http://www.meetup.com/gdgnyc/

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