GDG Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

Google Developer Group (GDG) Dublin meets on the last Tuesday of the month in Google HQ in Dublin. The typical meeting format is a 18:30 kick-off with some food, followed by talks and Q&A until around 20:30.

The group has a broad scope, covering issues from cloud to mobile and everything in between; while the group does have some bias towards the many innovative technologies developed by Google, the group is generally very open - this manifests in terms of interest in alternative and complementary technologies to those offered by Google, technologies which are not Google specific (eg HTML5) and engaging with other companies.

The group organizes a few different types of events. There is a regular monthly meeting held the last Tues of each month in Google's premises on Barrow St: this meet usually comprises of talks and/or panel sessions. The group also organizes hackathons and we are planning on arranging competitions and perhaps some bootcamp events.

The group's activities are generally free and all are welcome.

Disclaimer: GDG Dublin is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed on this +Page should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation.

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