Press Release Template

Note: There's a new Google Apps Marketplace experience! Beginning November 19, 2013, new listings may only be created using the new version: existing developers may need to create a new Chrome Web Store account to publish new listings. Refer to the new documentation for more information.

Getting approval to issue a press release

You must get approval from Google Marketing and Public Relations teams before issuing a press release using this template.

Please email apps-dev-marketing@google.com to get approval. Allow 5 business days for approval.

In your email, please include the following:

Scott, what should they include in their email? Some way to identify their marketplace listing? (an account name? A link?), the full text of their Press Release? A contact person? etc.

Press Release Template

Below is a template you may use to write your press release. Each paragraph is labeled with its purpose (e.g. ("Description") and is followed by an example paragraph with places for you to add your company name, name of the application, or other information (e.g. "[CompanyName]"):

Remove all labels and placeholders before sending out your press release.

[NameOfApp] Now Available on the Google Apps Marketplace

("DATELINE"): [CompanyName] today announced it has added [NameOfApp] app to the Google Apps Marketplace™, Google's online storefront for Google Apps™ products and services.

("DESCRIPTION"): (Example description paragraph:) [NameOfApp] is a feature-rich web application that allows users to manage their data from anywhere in the world with just a browser and an internet connection. With [NameOfApp], sales people can view their pipeline, generate reports and schedule meetings with clients using native integration with Google Calendar.

("QUOTE"): (Example quote:) "[CompanyName] is committed to bringing the power of cloud computing to sales people, so integrating with Google Apps was a logical choice for us," says John Smith, company CEO. "By adding [NameOfApp] to the Google Apps Marketplace, we've made it extremely easy for Google Apps customers to get a powerful Business Intelligence web application that works seamlessly with their messaging and collaboration platform."


(We suggest 2-5 sentences detailing the key value proposition of your app, how it integrates with Google Apps, and the benefit to users.)

The Google Apps Marketplace makes it easy for more than 4 million businesses using Google Apps to discover, purchase and deploy integrated business applications and related professional services. By integrating with user account and application data stored in Google Apps, these cloud applications provide a simpler user experience, increase business efficiency, and reduce administrative overhead. To learn more, visit google.com/appsmarketplace.

(OPTIONAL "ABOUT"): Google Apps brings simple, powerful communication and collaboration tools to organizations of any size — all hosted by Google to streamline setup, minimize maintenance, and reduce IT costs. With Gmail (including Google email security, powered by Postini), Google Calendar, and integrated IM, users can stay connected and work together with ease. And, using Google Docs and Google Sites, which include word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and website creation tools, they can share files and collaborate in real-time, keeping versions organized and available wherever and whenever users work.


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