Creating a Listing

Note: There's a new Google Apps Marketplace experience! Beginning November 19, 2013, new listings may only be created using the new version: existing developers may need to create a new Chrome Web Store account to publish new listings. Refer to the new documentation for more information.

This document explains how to create a listing for an application in the Marketplace.


Create a Vendor Profile

Before you can list applications in the Marketplace, you must first create a vendor profile. To create a vendor profile, visit the Marketplace and sign in with your Google Account credentials. Once logged-in, click Become a Vendor. Complete the form that is presented with as many details as possible, as this data will be available to potential customers, and displayed along with any applications you list. If you wish to edit these details later you can always return to this page by clicking My Vendor Profile from within the Marketplace.

Creating the Listing

After saving your vendor profile you'll be prompted to create your first listing.

  1. Fill out the form that appears. Be sure to select My product may be directly installed into Google Apps domains, as shown below.

    After you select this checkbox, additional fields will appear.

  2. Paste in the application manifest and fill out the other additional fields.
  3. Click Save and Preview.

Gather Keys and Secrets

After you save your listing, you'll be shown a preview and can test installing it on your own domain. If your application uses 2-legged OAuth and specifies scopes in the application manifest, you'll first need to get the system generate OAuth key and secret for your application. You can find this information by going back to your vendor profile by clicking My Vendor Profile. Under Products, you'll find your application and a link to View OAuth Consumer Key.

Configure your application to use the provided consumer key and secret, prior to installation, in order to access the API scopes listed in the manifest. Once you've recorded the key and secret, follow the View full overview link to return to the listing preview.

Preview the Listing

After saving your listing, you'll be greeted with a preview of your listing as users see it. From the preview page you can also install the application on your own domain. If you want to make changes to the listing, click Edit this listing (see Edit the Listing).

Install the Application

Prior to publicly displaying your listing, you should test the full-flow of the application. To do this from the preview page, click Add it now to start the installation process.

After your app is installed, you'll be directed to the Apps Dashboard, which lists each of the installed Google Apps and 3rd-party apps. Click enable service, then click Enable under App status.

Chances are that you'll need to test your installation more than once. Go to the domain's control panel and select your application in the dashboard. Click Delete {Application} to remove the application from the domain, and repeat the installation from the preview page in the Marketplace.

Test the Application

Before publishing your application on either the preview or vendor listing pages it is important to thoroughly test your application and the integration with Google Apps. A good place to start is by reviewing the testing checklist.

Activate the Listing

Once your testing is complete and your application is ready to launch, return to your vendor profile and click Submit for approval. This will begin the approval process for your application listing. Once approval is complete, your application will be listed in the Marketplace.

Edit the Listing

Over time, you might need to make changes to your application's listing. During development and testing, you might need to repeatedly change several parts of an inactive listing while you are working with the application in your test domain. For launched applications, if you add features that require changes to the application manifest, you will need to upload the new manifest so that the changes are available to new users as well as users in the domains where your application is already installed.

Caution: If your updated application requires access to additional data scopes, your changes will not take effect in existing installations until the domain administrators grant access for the new scopes. If you remove the currently approved scopes from an application, the application will stop working in domains where it was previously installed. If your application is launched and has existing customers, it is a good idea to notify administrators that they need to approve the new scopes.

To edit a listing:

  1. On any page in the Marketplace, click Sign in.
  2. Enter your Google account email and password.

    If you don't have a Google account, click Enter your email address to access the document. Enter the entire address; for example, yourname@yourdomain.com. Enter the password for that account on the next page.

  3. On any page in the Marketplace, click My Vendor Profile.

    Your vendor profile appears.

  4. Click Edit for the listing you want to modify.
  5. Make changes to the product information.
  6. Click Save and Preview.
  7. If you are finished testing and are ready to launch the current version of the application, perform the steps in Activate the Listing.