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Note: There's a new Google Apps Marketplace experience! Beginning November 19, 2013, new listings may only be created using the new version: existing developers may need to create a new Chrome Web Store account to publish new listings. Refer to the new documentation for more information.

So you've launched your Marketplace app -- now what? You probably want to raise awareness of your app and drive customers to your Marketplace listing. This page includes some suggestions on how to market your listing and encourage more installs and more revenue for your business.

Advertise with Google Adwords

Google AdWords is a cost-effective and highly scalable way to advertise your app. Check out the AdWords Learning Center and the AdWords Help YouTube channel to get started.

By default, Google Adwords prevents advertisers from using certain trademarked or otherwise restricted keywords in their advertising campaigns. However, you can gain access to some of these restricted keywords (such as "Google Apps" or "Gmail") by filling out the Adwords Approval Request for Marketplace Apps & Resellers form.

If you use your Google Marketplace listing as the destination URL in your Adwords campaigns, use the following guidelines:

  • For Display URL, use google.com/appsmarketplace.
  • For Destination URL, use your listing page url. For example:
    https://www.google.com/enterprise/marketplace/viewListing?productListingId=####+################# where the "###" are from your own listing.

Use Google Website Optimizer

You should continuously optimize your product landing page to maximize clicks to your listing and installs of your app.

  • Google Website Optimizer is a powerful website optimization tool that can help you refine your website to maximize performance.
  • The Add to Google Apps button provided Google branding for your site, and a clear call to action for users.

Create a Youtube video

Get your creative juices flowing with a video on our YouTube channel. See Submit a YouTube video.

User Ratings and Reviews

Has a customer ever told you they just love your product? Ask them to write a review! Users can rate and review your integrated app right in your Google Apps Marketplace listing. It's a great way to show potential customers the value of your app, and will raise your app listing toward the top of search results, getting you more traffic.