Caution: You are viewing documentation for the API's REST interface. Most of our official client libraries use gRPC. See the REST Introduction for details.


An automated bidding strategy that sets bids so that a certain percentage of search ads are shown at the top of the first page (or other targeted location).

JSON representation
  "location": enum (TargetImpressionShareLocation),
  "locationFractionMicros": string,
  "cpcBidCeilingMicros": string

enum (TargetImpressionShareLocation)

The targeted location on the search results page.


string (int64 format)

The chosen fraction of ads to be shown in the targeted location in micros. For example, 1% equals 10,000.


string (int64 format)

The highest CPC bid the automated bidding system is permitted to specify. This is a required field entered by the advertiser that sets the ceiling and specified in local micros.