Caution: You are viewing documentation for the API's REST interface. Most of our official client libraries use gRPC. See the REST Introduction for details.


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A mobile application criterion.

JSON representation
  "appId": string,
  "name": string


A string that uniquely identifies a mobile application to Google Ads API. The format of this string is "{platform}-{platform_native_id}", where platform is "1" for iOS apps and "2" for Android apps, and where platform_native_id is the mobile application identifier native to the corresponding platform. For iOS, this native identifier is the 9 digit string that appears at the end of an App Store URL (e.g., "476943146" for "Flood-It! 2" whose App Store link is "!-2/id476943146"). For Android, this native identifier is the application's package name (e.g., "com.labpixies.colordrips" for "Color Drips" given Google Play link ""). A well formed app id for Google Ads API would thus be "1-476943146" for iOS and "2-com.labpixies.colordrips" for Android. This field is required and must be set in CREATE operations.



Name of this mobile application.