3-Tier brand safety suitability control.



Not specified.


Used for return value only. Represents value unknown in this version.


This option lets you show ads across all inventory on YouTube and video partners that meet our standards for monetization. This option may be an appropriate choice for brands that want maximum access to the full breadth of videos eligible for ads, including, for example, videos that have strong profanity in the context of comedy or a documentary, or excessive violence as featured in video games.


This option lets you show ads across a wide range of content that's appropriate for most brands, such as popular music videos, documentaries, and movie trailers. The content you can show ads on is based on YouTube's advertiser-friendly content guidelines that take into account, for example, the strength or frequency of profanity, or the appropriateness of subject matter like sensitive events. Ads won't show, for example, on content with repeated strong profanity, strong sexual content, or graphic violence.


This option lets you show ads on a reduced range of content that's appropriate for brands with particularly strict guidelines around inappropriate language and sexual suggestiveness; above and beyond what YouTube's advertiser-friendly content guidelines address. The videos accessible in this sensitive category meet heightened requirements, especially for inappropriate language and sexual suggestiveness. For example, your ads will be excluded from showing on some of YouTube's most popular music videos and other pop culture content across YouTube and Google video partners.