Google Ads API is returning to beta status. Please read our blog post for more details.

Migrating from v2 to v3

Changes to Services and their Components

Renamed shopping objects including:

BiddingStrategyService Removed BiddingStrategy.target_outrank_share and BiddingStrategy.page_one_promoted. This was already sunset in this blog post. Please see the blog post for alternatives.

Removed the following unused enum values:


Removed the following unused errors:

GoogleAdsService Introduced multiple ways of returning summaries in results when retrieving data from GoogleAdService.Search() by setting summary_row_setting. Previous versions had the setting return_summary_row, which has been removed in this version.
GoogleAdsService Introduced returning total results count when retrieving data from GoogleAdService.Search() by setting return_total_results_count to true in the request. In previous versions, the total result count is always returned.
PaymentsAccountService Updated PaymentsAccountService.ListPaymentsAccounts() to return PaymentsAccountError.NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_MANAGER_CUSTOMER when making a request to a manager account. The previous behavior in v1 and v2 was to return an empty list.