The Google Glass Explorer Edition SDK is deprecated. This documentation is no longer being maintained. If you're interested in developing Glass solutions for enterprise clients, visit the Google Glass Enterprise Edition developer documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would Google consider making my Glassware native on the Glass Platform?

Currently, the Glass platform team does not have the bandwidth to take on merging in third-party Glassware.

How can I check my Mirror API quota limit?

If you need to check your Mirror quota limit, read this. Also, take a look at our support channels listed here if you have any other related issues.

Will Google mention my Glassware some place other than MyGlass?

It's possible that we may refer to your Glassware in an upcoming promotional material. However, given the nature of such material we can not make any guarantees at this time.

What is the process if I have an updated APK?

Fill out the form on Glassware Update to submit your new APK.

How do I zip-align an APK?

Go here for instructions.

How can I set an icon for my Android application?

Get your answer here.

Can we transfer the email / account name to a different account?

If you need to change the account on your Glass device, you can initiate a factory reset and run through setup again on MyGlass under a different Google account.

What would be the process to transfer my Glassware to a new owner?

From the Glassware Review Team, nothing is needed. Just let us know who the main point of contact will be.

Are APIs available for existing Google Apps to Google Glass?

Currently, the only Google products that have integrations with Glass are those that are available on MyGlass.

Can I use an unlisted/private API in my Glassware?

We can't guarantee that undocumented private APIs will work or even continue to exist in the future. As a result, we require that you remove any implementation of unlisted/private APIs.