GData JavaScript Client 2.2

Class google.gdata.contacts.ProfileKind


class google.gdata.contacts.ProfileKind
extends google.gdata.Kind

Describes a profile kind.
Defined in gdata.js

Field Summary
<static>  <final> {string} TERM_PROFILE
Fields inherited from class google.gdata.atom.Category
label, scheme, term
Constructor Summary
google.gdata.contacts.ProfileKind(<Object> opt_params)
            Constructs a profile kind using an object parameter whose property names match the setter method to use for each property.
Methods inherited from class google.gdata.atom.Category
getLabel, setLabel, getLabelLang, setLabelLang, getScheme, setScheme, getTerm, setTerm

Field Detail


<static> <final> {string} TERM_PROFILE

Constructor Detail


google.gdata.contacts.ProfileKind(<Object> opt_params)

GData JavaScript Client 2.2

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